Ron Little Studios

About Us

Our instructors provide expert lessons in traditional and modern martial-arts disciplines.

Our curriculum includes the study of Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu, Arnis. Our training program is based upon the Tae Gun Do method. Tae Gun Do is not a martial arts style, but rather a martial arts philosophy who's name means "To Seek Simplicity." Following this philosophy, we study our martial arts in an effort to find the simplest, most efficient means to achieve our self defense needs.

What we teach goes beyond lessons in physical self defense. By striving to attain higher levels of rank and ability, our students learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them. It is also important that students of martial arts have good ethical standards so that they do not misuse their fighting skills. This is especially true with children who must learn to resist the negative influences they face each day. At Ron Little Martial Arts we try to stress positive character development, as evidenced by our student creed:

I will develop myself for success; mentally, physically, and spiritually by avoiding negative habits and attitudes.

I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I will use my martial arts constructively and defensively; building a strong community through social harmony and only use might for right!!

A Little History

Ron Little has been teaching martial arts in Pensacola for over 45 years. In 1991 Mr. Little founded The American Martial Arts Association and officially named the school The Tae Gun Do Center. In his life time of study Mr. Little has had the opportunity to study martial arts from some of the greatest masters in the world. World champion Joe Lewis personally provided content used in our classes daily. Twice listed in Black Belt Magazine as a world class instructor Mr. Little continues to innovate and lead students to Seek Simplicity. All the certified instructors at the Tae Gun Do Center have been trained personally by Master Little in pedagogy and  technical class content. Our students train hard to prepare for real life self-defense situations.

Come join us!